What It Means

When investment schemes fail and tax structures hit the wall, people find themselves in financial peril.

The longer we work in this space, the more we see that victims hail from all walks of life. The financial repercussions can be indefinite and cast a shadow over individuals and families.

In most cases, people find themselves in precarious positions because they’ve been given incomplete or bad advice. Some are simply taken advantage of. Either way, when tax schemes collapse individuals enter a new world of investigations, penalties, fees and financial uncertainty.

We’re here to support individual claims, whether it’s against SIPP providers, offshore pension funds or life insurance structures. We help individuals understand their tax situations. Together we can address legacy problems – and pursue relief and redress.

All’s not lost

Whether it’s down to a lack of due-diligence, poor communication or inept risk profiling, investors are commonly mismatched to financial products. Some schemes don’t suit a person’s needs, others are unstable, even more are too big a risk from the outset.

We work closely with clients to claim against the agents and institutions behind unfit tax and investment structures. Where we advise litigation, we seek litigation funders to limit clients’ further financial exposure.

If you have a query about your own situation, please get in touch and let’s explore your options. Since 2012, The Newport Group has worked with over 1,500 individuals to help them see financial daylight.

Individual Claims Schemes

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