International Claims

Many of our clients have been embroiled in the world of offshore bonds. We are helping international clients from countries all over the world who put their money into failed investment funds purchased through offshore investment bonds.

Newport take the burden off the individual, both financial and legal. By arranging litigation funding, an individual doesn’t have to stump up the cash to pursue their claim; the funders take all the risk. Newport manage the claim from start to finish, ensuring the best legal representation for each and every client.

Newport started this project in April 2020 and we are already engaged by a significant number of non-UK resident clients who have invested across 6 failed international investment funds which total over $1.3bn.  These funds appear to have been mis-sold to unsuspecting investors via insurance platforms where due diligence processes have failed to protect the investor.  We have recently obtained a positive opinion from a leading QC as to the recoverability of the failed investments and are in the process of book-building to grow the existing client base to reach critical mass to undertake litigation on behalf of our clients.

Newport are putting together group claims for funds such as New Earth, Lucent and Columna. We want to hear from people who have purchased funds through offshore life companies such as Old Mutual (Quilter), Friends Provident and Generali (Utmost Life), to name just a few. If you’ve invested in any offshore bond schemes, please get in touch with us at to discuss how we might help you recover from the failed investment.

International Funds

New Earth Fund

New Earth Solutions Group Limited was supposedly an established UK provider of waste treatment facilities while developing complimentary operations in the renewable energy sector. They had separate companies focusing on waste treatment services and projects to recover low-carbon renewable energy from waste-derived fuels. The premise of this group of Isle of Man funds was pensioners and investors could avail of UK government tax and business initiatives to help grow the Green economy and help save the environment in the meantime.

Axiom Legal Financing Fund

This was supposed to be a capital protected, open‐ended fund that provided short term fixed interest loans to UK law firms who work on a no‐win, no‐fee basis, to pursue claims for the mis-selling of financial services products on behalf of claimants. The first cases being financed by the Fund are against banks and loan providers for issuing loan and credit card agreements that breach the Consumer Credit Regulations.

Quadris Forestry Fund

The Isle of Man-based Quadris Environmental Forestry Fund is/was an unregulated collective investment scheme (“UCIS”) investing in forestry plantations in Brazil. The fund was set up in 2001 and had more than £100m invested in teak plantations managed by a Brazilian company called Floresteca who managed over 100,000 hectares of forestry land at the time.

LM Managed Funds (Australian Property Funds)

The incredible collapse of the LM Investment Management (LMIM) Group run by Peter Drake, has caused massive financial losses to English speaking expat investors all over the world. Unfortunately, it seems that many of the investors were retirees who invested due to the perceived stability of the Australian property market and believing the Australian regulatory system would protect them from any impropriety. Most invested through well recognised trustees and life insurance investment policies based in the Isle of Man or Channel Islands.

Dolphin Trust (German Property Group)

Dolphin Trust or Dolphin Capital Gmbh which is now called the German Property Group (GPG) is an unregulated German property investment. Investors mostly bought into this through financial advisers across the UK & the EU. Most investors bought in through what was supposed to be a ‘guaranteed’ loan note or mini bond as it is also known as. It purported to specialise in the redevelopment of listed German buildings and benefiting from German tax breaks.

Columna Fund

The Columna Commodities fund is/was a Luxembourg domiciled SICAV sophisticated investor fund which proposed to invest in a ‘three pillars’ approach to commodities whatever that may actually be. It was a sub fund of the Luxembourg Fund Partners (LPF) ‘Umbrella structure’ which was used by many alternative investment managers who wished to have a convenient and legal structure to aggregate client investment money

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