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The organisations behind these schemes have deep pockets and a lack of funds may feel like a barrier in seeking financial redress or pursuing litigation.

At Newport, we have our own funding facilities and we also work with third party funders. Litigation funding is essential to ensure the best legal minds are in your corner.

Our clients come to us in varying states of financial distress. We arrange litigation funding to enable us to take the fight to the schemes, agents and institutions behind your failed tax and investment structures.

We structure litigation funding based on favourable terms. And to further level the playing field, litigation funders’ fees are settled following a successful claim – at the end of proceedings.

Litigation funding in group claims

Litigation funding is a business and businesses need to be viable. They need to make commercial sense. That’s one of the reasons why we, where possible, bring substantial group cases – comprised of as many individual investors as possible – against the institutions responsible for failed tax structures.

The more people involved in the claim; the stronger the claim. The stronger the claim, the more viable it is for litigation funders.

More than the financial side, litigation funding is vital to secure specialists who can unravel deliberately vague and complex tax structures. It takes time and nuanced legal knowledge to expose tax structures. After all, many were designed to traverse legislation from the outset.

To give us the best chance of success, we work with trusted legal partners. We turn to the best in the business to empower our clients and give them a voice.

Litigation funding in individual claims

Given the commercial requirements of litigation funders, it can be more straightforward to secure funds for group claims. To overcome this and ensure we are able to help all our clients, the Newport Group has secured its own funding facility.

Since 2012 we have helped over 1,000 clients to pursue claims and financial redress. Clients come to The Newport Group when their finances have taken a beating. It takes time and cash to pursue a solution – especially a legal one. Without litigation funding, supporting individual claims would rarely have been possible.

We like to think that we democratise legal action for anyone affected by unstable tax structures. Because financial power shouldn’t be a barrier to justice and fairness. It’s our mission to try to help anyone who has a case, regardless of their financial position at the current moment.

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