1. Newport are very pleased to welcome John Kennedy to the board

    The Newport Group is delighted to announce the addition of John Kennedy to its executive board. John has a long history of identifying emerging sectors and establishing them as investment…

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  2. Rich and famous face £500m bill over tax avoidance film scheme

    Yet again, HMRC win against the taxpayer. Whether they are right or not it shows that winning in the tax tribunals is always going to be an uphill task. If…

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  3. Investors facing huge tax bills from ‘green’ scheme

    Elysian Fuels “green energy” scheme has left hundreds facing huge tax bills. Please read full article at TheTimes.co.uk FURTHER INFORMATION To find out more contact us at clientservices@newportredress.co.uk or 020…

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  4. Banks face legal action over tax dodge

    Santander could be sued over the Imagine film-financing scheme part-funded by Alliance & Leicester, which was bought by Santander in 2008. Barclays faces being sued over Timeless Releasing. Please read…

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  5. ‘People’s lives have been ruined by these pension schemes’

    Nick Wood of Newport Tax Management said: “They were unregulated schemes that should immediately have caused red flags to be raised by their pension providers.” Please read full article at…

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  6. Santander and Barclays face legal action over alleged multibillion pound tax dodge

    Nick Wood of Newport Tax Management said: “These are the latest examples of failed tax deferral schemes that were mis-sold on an epic scale.” Please read full article at Independent’s…

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