Have you received a Follower Notice (“FN”) or Accelerated Payment Notice (“APN”) from HMRC in respect of one of your Partnership interests?

Are you being hounded by HMRC for a disputed tax advantage as a result?

Have you incurred penalties for late payment or non-compliance?

Following some recent Judicial Rulings in Tax Cases with similar fact patterns, individual taxpayers who have received FNs and/or APNs as a result of their investments in ‘tax avoidance schemes’ may be able to apply to have those notices withdrawn?

Any tax paid because of such Notices, together with any interest and/or penalties levied for their late/non-payment is potentially repayable or able to be set aside for your benefit via the HMRC SAFE system. Newport is already acting on behalf of numerous clients to file these withdrawal requests and we are experiencing traction with HMRC agreeing to delay collection on amounts due pending the outcome of subsequent appeals and/or further legislation being enacted.

We believe there may be a limited time to protect your position with regards to FN’s and APN’s, and would be happy to help you file protective claims to preserve your position ahead of any potential law changes that may be passed by a new Government [as early as next week].

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