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HMRC is taking an increasingly aggressive stance on tax avoidance so we help people stay on the right side. As a tax management consultancy, we ensure our clients are always on solid ground.

With ever-shifting goalposts, it is essential investors keep influential and specialist assistance on-side. The Newport Group holds more than a century of experience in the field of tax management. We know it can be a muddy business so we aim to help you clearly see what lies ahead.

To further ensure investors and clients are best equipped, we keep close working relationships with different divisions within HMRC. We advise clients of any forthcoming changes in policy or legislation. And we take proactive measures to ensure compliance, and maintain control of your portfolio.

Legacy tax issues

At The Newport Group we have a significant in-house resource and working relationships with regulated tax and legal specialists. We retain this expertise in order to help clients who have legacy tax issues to get comfortably back on track.

When a tax scheme fails, or pensions or offshore investments collapse, people quickly incur horrendous losses – on top of losing the initial investment, penalty fees and years of debt can often await.

We work quickly to investigate clients’ tax situations and assess the potential to claim. Working with and not against HMRC, we help clients to negotiate an improved tax position and realistic settlement terms going forward.

It’s our mission to help clients, today and tomorrow, to get out from under and stay on top in all ways that matter.

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