Litigation Funding

The Newport Group finds resolution for individuals and groups who have fallen victim to bad investment schemes. Over many years we have built a team of experts with significant individual and team knowledge of the transactions that we now advise on.

Newport currently acts for over two thousand people, predominantly in the UK, seeking to negotiate the best outcome on behalf of its clients. Typically, this will be through negotiating settlements with Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC), and where possible fight for justice and redress from those responsible for constructing and marketing schemes that were destined to fail from inception.

Seeking justice for individuals who have entered into these schemes is time consuming and expensive. Expert legal and financial minds are required to disentangle often deliberately complicated structures and policies.

We ensure that our clients do not foot the bill. The Newport Group has its own litigation fund, and we work with a number of third party funders who take a share of the winnings once a successful conclusion has been reached.

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