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The Newport Group was established by Philip Porter and Nick Wood in 2012. Finance veterans and business partners since 2004, the pair didn’t consciously set out to build a tax advisory and litigation management organisation.

Instead, The Newport Group began life as a finance and management office. It offered an expert and bespoke service for clients in money matters. Newport quickly created a strong reputation in the fields of individual wealth management, tax planning for UK and overseas clients, building a significant client base within the business, finance, sports and media, and entrepreneurial communities.

But it was soon obvious that many clients had been stung. They were tainted by badly constructed tax based investment schemes and latterly by financial structures and investment funds that, through no fault of the investors have collapsed spectacularly.

In recent years, the UK government and HMRC have aggressively confronted tax schemes and as a result people are suffering, often through no fault of their own. The Newport Group moved in this direction as the scale of the human damage came into focus.

Numerous clients found themselves in similar circumstances and it became obvious that the most effective way to progress this was to engage clients into individual groups of those impacted in similar ways.

Fast forward a few years and The Newport Group now primarily provide litigation management services. Our mission is to help individuals to navigate shark-infested waters, find resolutions and get back on track.

Newport currently acts for over two thousand people, in the UK and increasingly internationally, seeking to negotiate the best outcome on behalf of its clients. Where possible, we provide the means to fight for justice and redress from those responsible for constructing and marketing schemes that were destined to fail from inception. Typically, this involves several specialised services that Newport have perfected over the last few years; we build a case from the ground up. We forensically examine documents and emails to ensure we have the vital evidence to ensure a successful outcome. We secure litigation funding on behalf of clients either through our own litigation fund or via a third-party litigation funder. We engage a legal team and obtain a strong legal opinion so we are confident in the viability of the case.

Our team’s skills and experience in legal, tax and tax structures, financial markets, pension and offshore investments – not to mention our close relationships with many third party specialist law firms and claims management organisations – gives us the knowledge to focus on a significant range of claims. We have the relationships and the financial backing to find settlements and solutions for people who have sometimes lost hope.

Group Claims

When a tax scheme fails, the damage registers far and wide. So we assemble as many affected investors as possible to mount a strong group claim against the financial institution(s) responsible.

Because Newport Group clients don’t pay up-front for litigation funding, building a group case can be vital. It’s essential not only in ensuring the case is commercially viable, but it means we can look to provide relief for a greater number.

The biggest group deal we’re currently running concerns Eclipse, a tax scheme designed and put together by HSBC Private Bank. The Newport Group now acts for 450 or the 800 investors affected. We have secured external funding and, as the case grows, we’re confident the final claim will exceed £200m.

Individual Claims

As well as group claims, we act as a tax management consultancy for individuals. We work closely with HMRC and third-party experts to help people change their financial reality.

From SIP providers to offshore pension funds and life insurance providers, we bring claims and advice based on how people were misled into buying financial products. Whether it was a lack of due-diligence, poor communication or inept risk profiling, misled can mean many things.

So whatever the circumstances, we can help people to straighten their affairs and rebuild.

“We can be heroes to all our clients”

Newport Group clients do not pay for litigation. Instead we approach litigation funders who finance cases on very favourable terms. If we’re successful, our third party funders share winnings at the end of the process.

We work with legal teams to explain a failed scheme’s structure and shortcomings, and we look to bring more investors into your claim. It not only makes for a stronger case, it means solutions and peace-of-mind for a greater number.

We know from personal experience that bad investments cost much more than cash. It’s our ultimate aim to free people who were crushed by a failed investment – so they can rebuild in all ways that matter.

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